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Annual Report

Nauru Utilities Corporation PDF Report

Our annual and half year reports provide an overview of our performance in the areas of power, water, truck, RO, and Solar. Our annual report, issued at the end of the year, provides a detailed analysis of our financial performance and key accomplishments over the prior 12 months. Our half year report, issued midway through the year, provides a snapshot of our performance in the first half of the year. Both reports provide key insights into our operations and strategies for the future. Both reports are available to the public and can be accessed through our website.

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Annual Report


Annual Report

Full Year 2022 Report 


Annual Report

Full Year 2021 Report



Annual Report

Full Year 2020 Report



Annual Report

Full Year 2019 Report


Full Year


Annual Report

Full Year 2018 Report



Annual Report

Full Year 2023 Report - Not Available


Full Year
Half Year

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