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Tour with Us

Experience the power of Nauru Utilities Corporation! Come take a tour of our premises and see how we generate energy for our customers. Let us show you how we make power simple.

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Tour Package - Children

This tour package is one for Preschoolers, they are first given a brief explanation on what NUC is about at their school before touring the premises. 



  • Given Consent of Parents/Guardians if child may be allowed to tour.

  • Provided Chaperones by the school, whether it be a teacher or child's Parent/Guardian. 

  • Safety Wear.


Tour Package - Teenagers

Tour package Two offers excursions for Middle aged students attending Highschool. This excursion is also a way to broadened the career pathways for students who wish to go straight into work after graduating. 



  • Given Consent of Parents/Guardians.

  • Safety Wear

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Tour Package - Adults

Any adults locals or tourists 

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