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NUC’s 5-year Strategic and Operational Plan 2021-2025 is guided by the following vision:

“Makur Dogin Naoero”

Makur Dogin Naoero meaning “Work for Nauru” appeals to the heart of employees, to give meaning to their work and to inspire exceptional performance.

In order to be a high performing organisation, one that delivers exceptional service to the people of Nauru our vision encapsulates that our people are working for their fellow Nauruans, for their families, especially their children, grandchildren and for future generations.


In line with the vision, the mission of the NUC is:

For Nauru we will Achieve, with a United effort and doing things Right first time, Utopia: providing safe, reliable, affordable, secure and sustainable electricity and water supply.


In pursuit of its mission, NUC will continue to be guided by the following six (6) core values - defining its desired corporate culture:


NUC staff shall treat all customers, stakeholders and each other with fairness. NUC provides safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity and water supply to its customers.


NUC staff shall ensure they uphold standards of right and good conduct.


NUC staff shall perform their duties with the highest degree of competence and skills.


NUC staff shall perform their duties in a manner that shows readiness to take full accountability and responsibility for their actions.


NUC staff shall ensure uniformity, predictability and coherence in accordance with our Code of Conduct and Core Values.


NUC staff shall operate in a fair and open manner and without prejudice in delivering safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity and water services.


In line with its core values – NUC shall use the following motto to rally employees, consumers, suppliers, and stakeholders, in general, behind its vision and mission:

“Safe reliable, affordable and sustainable services with positive IMPACT”

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