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Sunset on Solar Panels

The Nauru Utilities Corporation is a State Owned Enterprise and is the producer and distributor of Electrical Energy and drinking Water on the Island of Nauru

The Nauru Utilities Corporation has a total number of 3566 Electricity customers which are comprised of the following:

  • 3066 - Domestic Electricity Customers

  • 413 - Commercial Electricity Customers

  • 30 Industrial Electricity Customers

  • 57 Government electricity Customers

As for the Water Customers we have a total of approximately 1600 customers

The Corporation has come a long way since 2011, under the Nauru Utilities Corporation Act.

Power outages which had previously been experienced on island has been reduced by around 50% compared to the previous period. Water Production capacity has increased and water delivery improved. Continuation along this trend will soon place Nauru Utilities Corporation as a top performing island utility in the Pacific.

In January of 2016, Parliament passed the Nauru Utilities Corporation (Amendment) Act 2016 which established a full Board for the NUC to provide the leadership and guidance that NUC needs. We also thank the Minister responsible for Nauru Utilities Corporation Hon. Wawani Joe-Grant Dowiyogo, MP for his support. 

Electricity Facts

The Nauru Utilities Corporation delivered approximately 32,000 kilowatts hours in the period from 2019 - 2020

These are delivered through a combination of Diesel Powered Generators and our Renewable Source from our Solar Farms and are delivered to homes through our 11KV and 33KV Poles and Wires

  • Diesel only

    • Current Maximum Demand​

      •  5.7 MW

    • Total Generation Capacity 

      •  19 MW

    • Available Capacity

      •  15.0 MW

    • Total Med. Speed Capacity     

      •  15.0 MW

    • Total High Speed Capacity 

      •  4.0 MW

  • Solar Generation 

    •  2.4 MW

Water Facts

We have a Total number of 12 Tankers of varying sizes which deliver water with a total carrying capacity of around 85,000 litres with an average daily customer demand of 550 kilolitres per day which totalled to approximately 183 Megalitres in a year which was within our production capacity of 235 Megalitres a year.

We have a storage capacity of 5.6 Megalitres at our Water Tank Storage facility in Aiwo. 

The Nauru Utilities Corporation deliver water 16hours per day 7 days a week which averages to a total of 94 deliveries per day

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